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Carmelo Orlando

Carmelo Orlando

Hey my names Carmelo and I’ve been cutting hair for 5 years.

I started my journey in high school where cutting hair sparked my interest by messing around with friends. I brought my work into the high school washroom, I was first hired on at Ashby Grove barbershop and then from there i was hired on by CADMEN Barbershop where I quickly accelerated to become one of the most in demand barbers amongst a team of talented individuals.

Within that time frame i have focused on loving to do textured crops, comb overs and messy slick backs. To go along with that I can also do very fine detailed skin fades, tapers and beard work. I love to tailor my haircuts for my clients needs and wants, while also building friendships. One thing is i will never say no to any style or challenge, if you have an issue we’ll get to the cause of it.

Out side of being a barber I found a love for cars, and I mostly enjoy spending time laid back with friends and family.

With that being said, I feel like my journey has just begun. Hope to see you soon

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