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Thao Huynh

Thao huynh

Hey my name is Thao, like General Tao Chicken hah! I started my barbering career 5 years ago when I took a Fade Artistry class. Prior to that I was a Project Manager in construction for 10 years. My love for barbering has helped me become one of the top scheduled female barbers in the GTA, but aside from barbering, I have also helped lead the Business Development & Operations of a Barbershop, and am well versed in building reputable brands.

Barbering has always inadvertently been apart of my life for as long as I could hold a pair of scissors. From doing my friends hair in the school bathrooms, to experimenting on my dolls. Barbering to me isn’t just about creating timeless haircuts, its also about ensuring that everyone who sits in the chair has an in depth and unforgettable experience. Feeling good outside and in is what makes the experience with me different. Through the years, I have found love in creating all kinds of styles, but what truly has been a favourite of mines would be doing beard work. Creating jawlines sharper than your Wi-Fi connection. I also enjoy the skin fades, tapers, gentleman’s cuts and slick backs. During my time off, I like to spend it with my kids, family and friends. I enjoy the outdoors very much and love to go camping and fishing. I also enjoy cooking for the people that I love and lastly, building everlasting and meaningful friendships.

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