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Ahlen Albiento

Ahlen Albiento

Hi! My name’s Ahlen… yes that’s right, with an “H”. I’ve been cutting hair for 9 years of my life and have worked at different shops for the last 6 years. I’ve been able to grow as a barber and be one of the busiest barbers week in and week out. I started cutting hair when I was 12 years old so that I could buy a pair of sneakers and since then I’ve fell in love with the art of barbering.

I’ve extremely grown my skills in the last few years and enjoy doing fades and classic hairstyles like the combover or slick back. But, I love trying out new trends in the hair industry like the crop or even the mullet. Through my experience in my career, blending in long hair into a skin fade is no problem. No matter what the occasion, I can guarantee you’ll be feeling and looking right after a service. 

Aside from barbering, my other hobbies include fashion and sports. I’ve always been into fashion and have found it as a way each person can express themselves and who they are. I can talk about sports all day long if I could but of course, I enjoy talking about life and am always excited to hear what’s going on in your life. 

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